Modern Hamlet who takes a million selfies with soliloquy captions and constantly vagueblogs about his family.

#ophelia runs a very popular instagram #horatio gives advice to all of his followers #roz and guildy are the masters of facebook stalking #claudius has a confession blog that he spills all his secrets anon on #laertes gave up social media for lent until something really major happened then he got back on #polonius still thinks emailing is a new technology#osric thinks he has the most twitter followers in the world #(a grand total of 15 and 5 of them are his own fake accounts)#hamlet and horatio snapchatting eachother while others are talking #ophelia sending flower emoticons #ahhh #i love aus (x)

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imagine jehan joining les amis and going “well, hi, my name is jean—”

and then joly pipes up like “jean? my name is jean! we can be name buddies!”

and then everyone else just is like “your name is jean? my name is jean?” and

that’s when they all realize that their first names are all jean

and like they all go by their surnames because when the first person joined enjolras and combeferre and courfeyrac were like “we go by our surnames” and that person took it to mean “we all go by our surnames”

and then

it turns out that everyone’s name is jean and nobody had any idea

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Hey, so stop your scrolling for a bit

think about baby bunnies, and how they actually exist.

Like, they’re just little balls of fluff? 


with tiny, itty-bitty noses and whiskers,


and little precious paws.


they can have ears that are soft and droopy,


they can have ears that perky and fluffy,


or they can have both!


Some are so small they can fit in your hand



and most like to snuggle


You can go back to scrolling now.

Sometimes life is just a bit better with baby bunnies.

You know, bunnies are not cute like everybody supposes

They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses

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